Blue Archive – Haruna (Track) Overview

Character Overview

Haruna (Track) is a Permanent 3* Sonic Special student who will be having a rate-up banner in the upcoming event "Get Set, Go! Kivotos Halo Games", alongside two returning limited students Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track). On release, T.Haruna struggled to find any relevant usage in raids. This is mainly due to the low healing on EX Skill and values on her Basic Skill.


  • Low cost reposition


  • Better alternatives for both healers and repositioners
  • Mediocre healing
  • Not farmable

Skill Review

EX Skill

First off, we have T.Haruna’s EX Skill, which allows you to move 4 allies to a selected location within a circular area and restores their HP. If you are familiar with Fuuka’s EX Skill, then this should look familiar as it is a one-to-one copy.

The only difference is its cost and the healing value. An overall underwhelming skill that you will most likely not find a lot of usage for in high-difficulty raids (INS+). In most raids where repositioning is relevant (ShiroKuro and Goz). There is a Recovery Down debuff applied to all students, invalidating half of this skill’s effects.

Basic Skill

Next, we have T.Haruna’s Basic Skill, which applies a DEF reduction to 6 enemies. On paper, this skill is a great skill, but both its duration and DEF reduction values are too low to make her a top choice in INS+. If you plan to bring T.Haruna in high DEF raids, you should prioritize skill after sub-skill.

Enchanced Skill

Similar to most Enhanced Skills, this provides a boost to T.Haruna’s stats. This increases her Healing stat by a respectable amount at both base and Enhanced+. Due to T.Haruna’s low multipliers on EX Skill, this can help with her mediocre healing numbers. We recommend prioritizing this skill last, as it does not help with the team's damage output.

Sub Skill

Lastly, T.Haruna’s Sub Skill increases the entire team's ATK. Like most other ATK Subs, this is a welcome addition to help with the team’s damage output. Prioritize raising this skill first, as the ATK buff is always active. 

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, T.Haruna struggles to find usage, as there are several low-rarity alternatives for a Healer such as Serina. Additionally, repositioning and DEF debuffs are not required to clear most stages early on. 

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game, T.Haruna can see some usage in raids, but is usually never your first choice. The first and most common use case is in both ShiroKuro and Goz, mainly for her EX Skill’s cheap Repositioning skill. Note that in both these raids, her already mediocre healing is further reduced due to the Recovery Boost debuff applied. Lastly, in theory, she can find usage in Binah as a DEF debuffer, but once again falls short due to its low multiplier and uptime.

Note that she will have an additional use case in a future raid Kurokage as a AoE DEF debuffer, but once again falls short when compared to other alternatives such as S.Hanako. 

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Basic > Enhanced


Overall, T.Haruna is an underwhelming student who struggles to find any relevant usage in raids. Even looking at the lower rarity alternatives, she can be compared to Fuuka. The main difference is that she is a 3* that cannot be farmed to Unique Equipment 50, while Fuuka has Elephs available in the shop. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an extra cheap reposition, then T.Haruna can be a good substitute,

How Much Should I Invest?: 3* This is usually a good stopping point as grabbing her UE40 will not boost healing by much.