Blue Archive Kotori Overview

Character Overview

Kotori (Cheer Squad) is a Permanent 3* Explosive Striker student, who will be having a rate-up banner in the upcoming event "On Your Mark Millennium". Alongside two returning students, Utaha (Cheer Squad) and Noa. C.Kotori is quite an oddball as the damage multiplier on her EX Skill is relatively low but covers a large area at a low cost. This makes her a perfect fit in content that has a large swarm of enemies, such as Chesed or Commissions. Unfortunately, these are both Heavy armored content and there are currently no Explosive raids that she specializes in, making it difficult for C.Kotori to find usage. 

If you are reading this on her upcoming rerun banner, you might be wondering whether she is worth pulling. Currently, both JP and Global Kotori (Cheer Squad) have no raids that she specializes in, making it a safe skip if you are running low on Pyroxenes.


  • Large AoE on EX Skill
  • Low cost
  • Can buff the team’s Crit


  • No niches to fill

Skill Review

EX Skill

First off, we have C.Kotori’s EX Skill, which deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped AoE that knockbacks enemies. A relatively underwhelming EX Skill as its damage multiplier struggles to keep up with other AoE damage dealers. Its low cost and wide range it covers does make up for it if you are going up against a swarm of enemies.

Basic Skill

Moving onto C.Kotori’s Basic Skill, provides the entire team with a Crit buff when 5 EX Skills are used by any ally except herself. An overall decent effect which helps with the team’s consistency. The main issue is with its activation requirement requiring 5 EX Skills, and Crit buffs do not directly increase the team's damage. In addition to this, C.Kotori does not receive her own Crit buff making it a dead skill.

Enchanced Skill

A standard Enhanced Skill, which increases her ATK stat and Accuracy Enhanced+. While the ATK buff is a welcome boost to her stats, Accuracy is mostly a dead stat in most content outside of PvP.

Sub Skill

Lastly, C.Kotori’s Sub Skill increases her ATK when her Basic Skill buffs an ally’s Crit for 30 seconds. This skill can effectively be treated as a secondary effect whenever the Basic Skill is activated. In theory, with its 30-second duration, this skill can have 5 stacks and a 100% uptime if your rotation includes several low-cost skills. (Note: Needs more testing to see how valuable and realistic having 5 stacks and 100% uptime will be.)

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, C.Kotori can fill the role of an AoE damage dealer in general content. Note that she may struggle to defeat enemies with 1 EX Skill, as her skill multipliers are relatively low. In addition to this, several other AoE damage dealers can fulfill her role with lesser investment such as Akari.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): Unfortunately, there are currently no raids that cater to C.Kotori’s niche. However, if Chesed Grand Assault ever goes into rotation or a new Explosive swarm-centric raid is released, C.Kotori will most likely find usage or even excel in those raids.

  • Minimum Required Investment: Unique Equipment 30 or 50
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Enhanced > Sub > Basic


Overall, C.Kotori is in a somewhat in unique position as she tries to cater to a niche that currently does not exist. In theory, she could be a top pick for Explosive swarm content/raids if they ever release one or Chesed ever comes into rotation for Grand Battle. 

How Much Should I Invest?: If you insist on using C.Kotori then Unique Equipment 50 can be considered to help with damage output on her preferred terrain.