Honkai: Star Rail All Achievements in Version 2.1

There are many achievements in Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1, I will divide the table according to each series. But the numbers will continue from each table so you can check the Table of Content for a specific achievement easily.
Important: This guide will be continuously updated until all achievements are updated with the correct descriptions and images. For now, the guides with no related images will be marked as (TBA) in their title.

The Rail Unto the Stars

1Sibyl, What Do You Want?Stellar Jades x10
2A Drop of the Hard StuffStellar Jades x10
3She Replied, I Want to Die.Stellar Jades x10
4To IcarusStellar Jades x10

Eager for Battle

5BoxcarsStellar Jades x5
6All My People, All My People...Stellar Jades x5
7Lady SnowbloodStellar Jades x5
8Blind StealingStellar Jades x5
9Purging HeatinessStellar Jades x5
10Fight Fire With FireStellar Jades x5
11Performance EvaluationStellar Jades x5
12Divine Judgment Does Not DiscriminateStellar Jades x5

Moment of Joy

13Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge?Stellar Jades x5

The Memories We Share

14Attendance Rate, ZeroStellar Jades x5
15Birds Art Life: A Year of ObservationStellar Jades x5
16For Great GoodsStellar Jades x5
17The Cabin in the WoodsStellar Jades x5
18Proofs And RefutationsStellar Jades x5
19A Variation Named "I"Stellar Jades x5
20The Lady in GoldStellar Jades x5
21Lord of WarStellar Jades x5
22Better Late Than NeverStellar Jades x5
23Dishonored LegacyStellar Jades x5
24Big Shot!Stellar Jades x10
25Make Your Dream a BlastStellar Jades x5
26To Each Their Own DrinkStellar Jades x5
27OmakaseStellar Jades x5
28Operation Dreampunk DrinksmithStellar Jades x5
29Family PortraitStellar Jades x5
30"Clock" InStellar Jades x5

Fathom the Unfathomable

31Home AloneStellar Jades x5
32Anti-BalloonStellar Jades x5
33Saga of the Dreamhaven TumultStellar Jades x5
34Safety CarStellar Jades x5
35Non-Racing LineStellar Jades x5
36Pole to WinStellar Jades x5
37Biggest DRS BeneficiaryStellar Jades x5
38Slow Road to HellStellar Jades x5
39A Dreamy Town, Oak Paradise!Stellar Jades x5
40Dreamweaving IndustrializationStellar Jades x5
41To Get Blood Out of a StoneStellar Jades x5
42Living With a WolfStellar Jades x5
43Maximum FirepowerStellar Jades x5
44Secret PartyStellar Jades x5
45Pac-ManStellar Jades x5

The Rail Unto the Stars

1) To Icarus

Relive the past in a faraway land. Complete Trailblaze Mission until you reach [Cat Among Pigeons - Heaven is a Place on Earth].

2) A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Cheers to sweet dreams and the dreamer! Complete Trailblaze Mission until you reach [Cat Among Pigeons - Why Do the Heathen Rage].

3) Sibyl, What Do You Want?

Where will good fortune lead gamblers? Complete Trailblaze Mission until you reach [Cat Among Pigeons - A Walk Among the Tombstones].

4) She Replied, I Want to Die.

Sit in the best seat and watch the grand finale. Complete Trailblaze Mission until you reach [Cat Among Pigeons - A Walk Among the Tombstones].

Eager for Battle

5) Boxcars

In the battle against Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems, cause at least 2 "All or Nothings" to simultaneously roll a 6 with a single attack. Before starting, I would like to remind you to bring characters that can deal AoE or Blast attacks (whether on their Basic/Skill/Ultimate) to increase your chance to win. Then, attack Aventurine until he enters his second phase so he can summon 4 dices instead of 2. Use all your Blast/AoE attacks on the dices and pray you got 2 of them to roll a 6 (It's not as hard as I expected as I got it accidentally).

6) All My People, All My People…

In the battle against Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems, have 4 characters in the team win in the same round of Gamble. What you need to take advantage here is ability to hit the dices multiple time by using the Ultimate loophole. In other words, make sure all your teammates have near full Ultimate > use their attacks to gain the remaining Energy > use their Blast/AoE Ultimate to deal damage to all Dices and get points higher than Aventurine.

7) Lady Snowblood

In a single battle, using Acheron's Ultimate "Slashed Dream Cries in Red" to defeat all enemies and achieve victory in the battle. While the description mentions using Ultimate to defeat all enemies, I still get the achievement after Acheron uses her Ultimate (but the enemies didn't die yet) then use her Skill twice to defeat the enemy.

8) Blind Stealing

In a single battle, when Blind Bet is at 0 point(s), use Aventurine's Ultimate "Roulette Shark" to obtain 7 Blind Bet point(s). You can play Trial Aventurine during the Trailblaze Mission (or just wait until phase 2). His Ultimate will give a random amount of Blind Bet points (minimum is 1 and maximum is 7) so you may need to try this multiple times.

First of all, you need to make sure his current Blind Bet is 0 (can be seen from his icon. When he has 7 Blind Bet, Aventurine will use his talent 'Shot Loaded Right' to deal damage to enemies and renew your team's shield, while also resetting the Blind Bet to 0 (+ more if he got more than 7 Blind Bet).

When he only has 0 Blind Bet, use his Ultimate and pray you will get another 7 Blind Bet. Remember that it's random so you may going to repeat this process multiple times.

9) Purging Heatiness

Clear the full stacks of Obscure Blaze on the Memory Zone Meme "Shell of Faded Rage" during a Weakness Break. There are multiple ways for this boss to earn Obscure Blaze stacks: deal Quantum damage or use certain skills to gain stacks. The maximum number of Obscure Blaze stacks it can get is 5 times.

Since the description mentions clearing the full stacks, I'd recommend you to wait until it has 5 stacks of Obscure Blaze (open the Enemy Details to view how many stacks it has) before Weakness Breaking it. Once you Weakness Break it, all the stacks will disappear and you will get the achievement.

10) Fight Fire With Fire

In a single battle, defeat Memory Zone Meme "Shell of Faded Rage" without causing Weakness Break. This one is pretty easy, just bring characters that do not match with the boss' weakness and go to the lowest level to complete the challenge. Honestly, you can still bring characters with the same elemental weakness at the lowest level. If your DPS is too strong, they will defeat the boss with a few hits without Weakness Breaking.

11) Performance Evaluation (TBA)

Use ally Aventurine to fight Senior Staff: Team Leader and deal the finishing blow.

12) Divine Judgment Does Not Discriminate

During exploration, use Acheron's Technique "Quadrivalent Ascendance" to defeat 5 enemies consecutively. You can easily complete this achievement inside her Character Trial because they have prepare 5 mobs for us to take care of. But remember to keep using her Talent and make her stay inside the black-white world while defeating 5 enemies consecutively or it won't count. Well, you can just re-enter this stage if you failed.

Moment of Joy

13) Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge?

Yank out the Origami Big Bird at Dewlight Pavilion. First of all, go to the City Sandpit from the Dewlight Pavilion. Use the Bubble Pinball Machine to get to the upper level of the City Sandpit. There, you will find a huge Origami Bird stuck on the huge billboard. Talk to it and it will ask you to find the finest wine.

Next, teleport to the Reception Counter in Dewlight Pavilion and head to the spot above to see 3 wine bottles floating. Talk to them until the end and you can choose one of the three bottles. I don't know if it will affect anything, but I chose the Yellow bottle. Bring back the bottle to the Origami Bird and you can yank it out to get this achievement + a sticker for your Dreamscape Pass

The Memories We Share

14) Attendance Rate, Zero

Make Radiant Speedster lose its fans. Defeat the enemies surrounding a sports car in Clock Studios Theme Park and you will get this achievement.

15) Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation (TBA)

Become a master bird observer at Dewlight Pavilion.

16) For Great Goods (TBA)

Obtain all 4 Clockie merchandise.

17) The Cabin in the Woods (TBA)

Witness the bizarre experience of the five at a certain place in Clock Studios Theme Park. There are various spots in the Clock Studios Theme Park you need to go in order to complete this achievement. Keep in mind that I find them in this order:
1. Listen to the group of NPCs in a secluded area, you can reach them here using the Bubble Pinball Machine.

2. The second spot is inside a closed space. You can only reach this place after turning into Hanu and entering a vent near that location (you won't miss it).

18) Proofs And Refutations (TBA)

Purchase a certain good from a food truck owner at a high price during a conversation.

19) A Variation Named "I"

Meet a "detective" with peculiar physical attributes in Clock Studios Theme Park. Go to the spot above and you will see a Billboard Investigator surrounded by a bunch of popcorn. Talk to it until the end and whenever you have to choose an option, I choose all the top answers.

After a daily reset, you will get a message from the Billboard Investigator regarding the case. Close the message and you will get this achievement alongside a sticker.

20) The Lady in Gold (TBA)

Investigate the portrait of a certain famous performer at Dewlight Pavilion.

21) Lord of War (TBA)

Bring Oksana to justice.

22) Better Late Than Never (TBA)

Expose Oksana to the Bloodhounds.

23) Dishonored Legacy (TBA)

Let Oksana go.

24) Big Shot! (TBA)

Leave your special mix at the Dreamjolt Hostelry.

25) Make Your Dream a Blast (TBA)

Help all the monsters in the Dreamjolt Hostelry deal with their emotional troubles.

26) To Each Their Own Drink (TBA)

Serve the correct drinks to the customers 10 times.

27) Omakase (TBA)

Serve the wrong drinks to the customers 5 times.

28) Operation Dreampunk Drinksmith (TBA)

Complete all Dreamjolt Hostelry recipe deductions.

29) Family Portrait

Take a family photo of the Express Crew at the photo board in Clock Studios Theme Park. Go to the photo board of 4 people like in the image above (south of Clock Studios Theme Park), and when the options time come, make sure to choose all the Express Crew: Welt > Himeko > Dan Heng > March 7th.

30) "Clock" In (TBA)

Take a group photo at the photo board in Clock Studios Theme Park.

Fathom the Unfathomable

31) Home Alone

Defeat 3 of Boss Stone's minions at once in a Hanu's Adventure stage. To defeat enemies in Hanu's form, you need to use the Hanu Launcher and ignite a firework in the enemies' direction. You can find a Hanu Launcher in the 3D room west of the Dewlight Pavilion.

Conveniently, there are also 2 groups of enemies in this room. Wait until they group together before attacking them with the launcher to defeat them all simultaneously.

32) Anti-Balloon

Break the special Boss Stone balloon in Clock Studios Theme Park. It's easy to find, just go to the spot above and use any long-ranged character to hit the balloon on the platform hidden behind a building.

33) Saga of the Dreamhaven Tumult

Break the special Boss Stone Balloon in Dewlight Pavilion. Specifically, go into the City Sandpit and use the Bubble Pinball Machine to go to the third floor of a building. There, walk around the area to reach another Pinball Machine and you will see the special balloon floating between the building. Use any long-ranged character to hit the balloon.

34) Safety Car

Complete the shoot without any damage in any mode in Clockie's Extras. Look at the Number of Attempts on the top left. Make sure you have it full when completing the shoot, aka don't get hit by any enemies during the whole shooting.

35) Non-Racing Line

Stay in the middle lane continuously for 10 second(s) in any mode in Clockie's Extras. You will learn to stay in the middle lane in Way of the Wolf (Continued) Part 1. After you learn it, stay in the middle lane for 10 seconds. Then, end the shooting (you can either win or lose the shooting) to get the achievement. You will still get this achievement if the photoshoot fails.

36) Pole to Win (TBA)

Re-accumulate maximum energy within the duration of Nutty Blitz or Hanu Time in any mode in Clockie's Extras.

37) Biggest DRS Beneficiary

Perform Turbo Dash 10 times in a row without mistakes or interruption in Clockie's Extras: Fast & Furynuts. Make sure you go to the Fast & Furynuts and not the Way of the Wolf. You can perform a Turbo Dash by dodging right before you're about to crash into a roadblock. In Fast & Furynuts (I) Part 2, there will be multiple enemies in a row and you can do the Turbo Dash 10 times in a row to get this achievement.

38) Slow Road to Hell

Defeat all enemies that appeared in Clockie's Extras: Way of the Wolf. Remember to go to the Way of the Wolf, and not the Fast & Furynuts. In the shooting, hit all enemies on both lanes before reaching the end to get this achievement.

39) A Dreamy Town, Oak Paradise!

Enter the miniature sandpit in Dewlight Pavilion for the first time. Complete the Trailblaze Mission [Cat Among Pigeons - Double Indemnity] and you will automatically get this achievement.

40) Dreamweaving Industrialization

Complete the Dreamwalker Challenge at the Dewlight Pavilion for some extra income. Complete the Adventure Mission Outsourcer to get this achievement. A more completed guide to get all the treasure chests and achievement was covered in another post: Outsourcer Adventure Mission | All 9 Treasure Chests and Route

41) To Get Blood Out of a Stone

Transform into Hanu and use Hanu Rocket to defeat Boss Stone's minions for the first time. You will automatically get this achievement if you've done the previous achievement, also at the same location.

42) Living With a Wolf

Chest #1 in Dewlight Pavilion, in the 3D room on the west side.

Chest #2 in Dewlight Pavilion, in the 3D room on the east side.

Chest #3 in Clock Studios Theme Park

Chest #4 in Clock Studios Theme Park

Collect the complete Hanu's Adventure (Part 2) collection. If you already collected all treasure chests, you should automatically get this achievement too cause all the Hanu's Adventure pages are hidden inside treasure chests that you can find when morphing into Hanu.
But if you haven't yet, look at the 4 spots in the image above and complete the Hanu-related puzzle to unlock the treasure chest, and you will get this achievement.

43) Maximum Firepower

Obtain the maximum ammo limit of Hanu Rocket in Hanu's Adventure. Enemies will drop ammo after being defeated. If one round of ammo hits multiple enemies, more ammo is dropped at once. In the same room as the Home Alone achievement, there will be 7 enemies, try to hit the 2 groups of enemies (3 enemies in each group) and you will get more than 5 ammo.

44) Secret Party

Discover Clock Studios Theme Park's hidden area via Bubble Pinball. Go to the location above in Clock Studios Theme Park and interact with the Bubble Pinball. Change the trajectory like in the image above to reach the hidden area.

45) Pac-Man

Smash all destructible objects in Clock Studios Theme Park's maze garden. First of all, go to this location to find a puzzle hat guy (I don't remember the exact name). Complete this puzzle to unlock the other half of the maze garden.

Then, go down to the maze garden and destroy every balloons you find until the end. It's in a long line so you shouldn't miss any of it.


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