Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information! If you missed the redemption codes, check it out here: 3 New Redemption Codes from 2.1 Special Program

Wish Banner

Phase 1 (2 Banners)

➥ 5 Star: Acheron & Luocha
➥ 4 Star: Gallagher, Pela, Dan Heng

Phase 2 (2 Banners)

➥ 5 Star: Aventurine & Jingliu
➥ 4 Star: Lynx, Luka & Serval

New Characters


Rarity: 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Path: Nihility
Element: Lightning

Skill (Octobolt Flash): When she uses her Skill, Acheron gains special Charges called Slashed Dream. In battles, she needs to accumulate these Charges as quickly as possible to unleash her Ultimate.
Whenever an ally takes action that inflicts a debuff on the enemies, Acheron will gain one Charge. Whenever enemies inflict debuffs on themselves, Acheron can also accumulate Charges.
Talent (Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness): When the Charges are at max, Acheron's Ultimate can be activated
Technique (Quadrivalent Ascendance): When you encounter a monster when exploring and Acheron users her Technique, it will instantly kill said monster. Can be used continuously and with a series of clicks, Acheron will unleash a smooth combo.
Ultimate (Slashed Dream Cries in Red): It has nothing to do with Energy. When the Charges are at max, Acheron's Ultimate can be activated. It has 4 hits. Players can manually select targets for the first three hits, or switch targets, while the final hit deals damage to all enemies.


Rarity: 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Path: Preservation
Element: Imaginary

Skill (Cornerstone Deluxe): Apply a stackable shield for the entire team. When allies have this stackable special shield and get attacked, it accumulates a charge point called "Blind Bet" for Aventurine. When Blind Bet reaches a certain amount, Aventurine's follow-up attack will be triggered. At the same time, his follow-up attack can once again apply the stackable shield to the team.
Technique (The Red or the Black): After using Technique, the entire team has a chance to gain a DEF boost of varying strength.
Ultimate (Roulette Shark): Grants him random "Blind Bet" points and deals DMG to a single enemy target. His Ultimate can also inflicts a debuff on the enemy. When the team attacks a target affected by the debuff, they deal increased Crit DMG.


Rarity: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Path: Abundance
Element: Fire

Skill (Special Brew): Target an ally and restore their HP.
Talent (Tipsy Tussle): When his allies or even himself attacks the target with that special debuff, they can recover some HP.
Technique (Artisan Elixir): When attacking the enemy with his Technique, you will enter battle immediately and put all enemies in a special debuff.
Ultimate (Champagne Etiquette): Put all enemies in a special debuff and deal damage to all enemies at the same time.

New Light Cones

1) Along the Passing Shore

2) Inherently Unjust Destiny

3) Concert for Two

New Relics/Planar Ornament Sets

1) Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation

A DPS set, suitable for prolonged battles against multiple enemy waves.

2) Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm

Provide extra buffs to the wearer when there are other characters on the same Path in the team.

New Stage/Enemies

1) Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems

When you're battling Aventurine, he'll occasionally unleash a torrent of chips to attack the players. Aventurine will throw two or more dice onto the field, When you attack each die, you'll get a random points.

If your points are higher than Aventurine's, you win the game and gain some advantageous effects in the battle. If your points are lower than Aventurine's, he'll pummel you with a rain of chips. In other words, you need to attack as many dice as possible in one go so that you have a higher chance to gain points greater than Aventurine's.

2) Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Ire

3) Calyx: Bud of Preservation

4) Calyx: Bud of Abundance

5) Simulated Universe - World 9

New Missions

1) Trailblaze Mission

New Events

1) Vignettes in a Cup

It's a Monster Lounge, the gameplay concept draws inspiration from real-life drink-mixing. Players can create the Dreamjolt Specials, adjust the flavor of the drink, such as its sweetness or intensity, choose the right ingredients and decorations, and combine them into delicious beverages.

2) Tides of War

Players can rack up Grit Value as they fight. By leveling up their Grit Phase step by step, they can reach the ultimate Grit Phase. That's when they gain what we call a "Might Unleashed" moment where players get these powerful Stage Buffs.

3) Cosmodyssey (Anniversary Event)

An event that all players on the server participate in together. Each Trailblazer will receive a magical gameboard and players can move forward by rolling dice.

Each day, there will be chances to refresh the dice. Different effects will be triggered when moving on different grids, and Trailblazers can acquire Trailblaze Funds from various minigames.

Donate the Trailblaze Funds earned each day to Pom-Pom and Pom-Pom will give Trailblazer rewards.

4) Realm of the Strange 300%

5) Planar Fissure 300%

6) Festive Gifts

New Area

1) Clock Studios Theme Park

In the new area, you can engage in the "Movie Shooting" gameplay, wherein they must dodge enemy attacks and obstacles to complete challenges. During this process, triggering Turbo Dash and picking up refill items will accumulate energy, allowing players to perform Sprint and enter an invincible state when the energy is full.

2) Dewlight Pavilion

New Additions

1) Fate Ensemble

2) Myriad Celestia Trailer & Character Trailer

3) One-Click Claim Reward & Redeploy Assignment

4) Increased Inventory Limit for Relics

5) Dreamscape Pass Update

6) New Weapon For Hanu

It's gotten a brand-new upgrade compared to before. This time, Hanu has got his hands on a brand-new powerhouse item - a powerful rocket launcher! If you manage to hit two enemies close together, it triggers a chain reaction, remaining down even more bullets. Using the rocket launcher to blow up the scattered firework barrels in the mini-game map may even reveal some unexpected new paths.

Coming Soon

1) Optimization for Planar Ornaments

In version 2.3, the developer teams plan to optimize the feature so people can quickly obtain Planar Ornaments.

2) New System for March 7th

March 7th will have a system similar to switching Paths that is unique to her. But, it might not be walking on a new Path, but rather creating memories.

Offline Events

1) Anniversary Carnival Grand Opening (Exhibition)

2) Star Rail World Tour

3) Honkai Star Rail Concert


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