Genshin Impact: Alchemical Ascension Event Guide

The Knights of Favonius are currently coming up with long-term plans to promote the achievements of alchemy. The person in charge, Lisa, seems to have a good idea and has invited you and Paimon to assist her.

The Knights of Favonius are currently coming up with long-term plans to promote the achievements of alchemy. The person in charge, Lisa, seems to have a good idea and has invited you and Paimon to assist her.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ 2024/03/14 10:00 - 2024/04/01 03:59 (Server Time)

➥ Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ Complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III "Song of the Dragon and Freedom"

Event Overview:
➥ During the event, you must cultivate ingredients, concoct potions, and sell potions to gain revenue from your business to fund the gradual expansion of your operations and complete various event objectives.

Gameplay Tutorial

There are 4 operations you need to do for the whole event: (1) Concoction, (2) Cultivate, (3) Sell, (4) Supplies. We'll go through all of them one by one and I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

1) Concoction

I'm sure you have already completed Lisa's tutorial in the event quest so I'm sure you had some gist on what the event is all about. It's all about creating potions and selling them. Click the Conventional Concoction (under the purple tent), you will create potions:

  • Select the ingredients and place them inside the cauldron (the boxes) until you reach at least Tuning Rate 100%.
  • You can rotate, extract, and move them to cover as much area as possible.
  • The higher your Alchemy Level, the bigger your cauldron will be = you can add more ingredients.
  • You can only concoct 1 potion per cycle!

Each ingredient has a different efficacy and special characteristics so take your time when choosing the right ingredient to create your potion.

2) Cultivate

Now that you know how to make potions, it's time to know how to create ingredients for those potions. At first, you will only have 1 cultivation area. But you can gradually increase it to 9 areas by buying the lots from Freda (our supply friend).

  • Plant any ingredient that you have (recommended to farm those ingredients that are <10 to make sure you always have stock of them).
  • Some ingredients require 1 operation cycle to mature, while some of them need 2 cycles. Pay attention to those cycles.

3) Sell

After you create those potions, it's time to sell them! But if you want to get lots of income (stonks!), you need to pay attention to Market News. This news will tell you what is the best potion to sell in certain cycles. I will be covering each cycle below.

4) Supplies

After you get the Funds from selling your potion, it's time to upgrade your whole operations by buying items from Freda.

Alchemical Ascension (Phase 1)

Cycle 1

This is where your tutorial with Lisa starts. Just follow the instructions and create a potion > sell it. But try to fill all the boxes and reach the highest Tuning Rate.

Cycles 2-4

For cycles 2 until 4, the potions with the characteristics in the image above will have the highest sales ($). I made a bit of a mistake since I also started the event with little knowledge, but remember to create a potion with the following efficacies:

  • Good Hunter is coming up with new dishes for adventurers who love battling: Constitution + Strength + Dexterity
  • The owner of a Mondstadt flower shop is looking to have their fresh flowers grow more lushly and extend the time they are in bloom: Constitution + Steadying + Endurance

Everyone should have different boxes (that one small box that you can't place your ingredient with) so you can't follow 100% of other people's ingredients. But it's not a problem so don't worry. This is my first mistake so I'm telling you, do NOT make the same potion as you did in the previous cycle (aka the Beginner Constitution Potion). If you did, you can't sell both of them since the same types aren't allowed to be stocked twice.

Besides that, after concocting a potion, enhance any of your available potions. It doesn't take that much Funds but it will help increase your potion quality.

Before each cycle ends, don't forget to buy anything you can Freda, especially Improved Alchemy Cauldron and Cultivation Area Expansion.

By the end of Cycle 4, you should have booming sales - even more than mine cause I made a mistake in Cycle 2 - you can tell by Paimon's happy face. If you also make any miss, don't worry because you can make a comeback in each cycle.

Cycles 5-7

For cycles 5 until 7, the potions with the characteristics in the image above will have the highest sales ($). Try to make the following potions:

  • Draff of Springvale is recruiting hunters to hunt an exceedingly speedy Boar King: Strength + Endurance + Dexterity
  • A scholar from Mondstadt has unearthed an ancient stone tablet and is currently trying to decipher the information on it: Wisdom

For the potion in Cycle 5, make the Wisdom potion for the scholar in Mondstadt. I use lots of Qingxin for it to be Wisdom and fill the rest with Mushroom since it doesn't have any efficacy. But you can add any ingredients with Dexterity or Strength efficacy.

After we're done with the Wisdom, make a potion for Draff. He wants to be super fast so I insert lots of Dexterity ingredients. You can also include Strength and combine both efficacies.

For the 7th cycle, you can just create any potion that you did not create before. I just randomly add Wisdom and Charisma which work out well cause the next cycle wants a Charisma-related potion.

As usual, now that we're at the end of the cycles, look at each potion that you sell. If it got a thumbs up, it means your potions match the Market News and your sales should get higher! I bet your profits are much higher than mine.

Cycles 8-10

Cycles 8 to 10 are the last cycles for Phase 1 in Alchemical Ascension. Aside from the 2 Market News above (performances and clear out), there are another 2. You will get 2 out of the 4 Market News randomly. Follow the instructions below for the right potions with the highest sales:

  • Bard in Mondstadt for their performances: Charisma + Relaxing + Wisdom
  • Cavalry Captain: Strength + Perception + Endurance + Dexterity
  • Makeup and dress up: Charisma + Fragrant + Technique
  • Good health: Constitution + Warm + Endurance

In Cycle 8, Beidou is here with her custom order. I didn't make one for her so she left and came back later at Cycle 10. But make sure you complete her order before Cycle 10 (because I don't know if you will miss her completely if you don't make her potion before Cycle 10 ends).

For the potion in cycle 8, I put lots of Charisma for our dear bard (hope it's for Venti). You can add other efficacy if you want, but I just add lots of Mushrooms and Berries. Remember that you might get a different Market News than me so read yours first!

Our 9th potion, I made one for the Cavalry Captain which is full of Dexterity. Making it full with Strength should also work. Even better if you combine both efficacies.

Now for the last cycle in Phase 10, I create a potion for Beidou. She wants a potion with Constitution efficacy and Relaxing characteristics. So I combined the Constitution ingredient with the Dexterity ingredient which has a Relaxing effect.

Done! We have completed the first 10 Cycles in the Alchemical Ascension event. Now, we need to wait for the second phase to be unlocked.

Alchemical Ascension (Phase 2)

All Market News in Phase 2

Starting in Phase 2, all the Market News you get will be randomized! So it will be even harder to follow a guide to a T. You can see the following list for the Market News in phase 2:

  1. Rare, swift-swimming fish have been spotted in Mondstadt's waters! Enthusiasts are eager to have at them: Endurance + Perception + Dexterity
  2. An exhilarating Pankration Tournament is underway in the Fortress of Meropide, and it is said there's someone(s) looking to buy a way to boost their physical capabilities no matter the price: Constitution + Dexterity + Strength
  3. The Millelith are currently clearing out monsters in order to protect miners. They want to remain calm as they do so and end the battle quickly: Strength + Dexterity + Steadying
  4. The captain of a Liyue ship wants to improve the constitution of new sailors and ameliorate the effect of seasickness: Endurance + Constitution + Healing
  5. Akademiya students are busy composing final theses and are under significant stress. Some are currently seeking a means to calm their spirits and let them focus on research: Steadying
  6. Yae Publishing House is holding a light novel contest, and authors are searching for inspiration: Wisdom + Perception + Focus
  7. There have been frequent disturbances in the desert lately, and the Guardian of Aaru Village is leading the other guards in the defense against monster attacks: Strength + Wisdom + Endurance
  8. Recently, the number of people injured by monster attacks is on the rise, and Deaconess Barbara is looking to replenish the medicine stocks of the Church of Favonius: Constitution + Steadying + Healing
  9. The Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is preparing to purchase a batch of makeup products for their performances: Charisma + Fragrant
  10. Some of the Qingce Village elders are in poor health, and they hope to find a way to extend their lifespans: Constitution + Strengthening + Endurance

Cycles 11-13

In the second phase, there will be new improvements from Freda where you can improve operating efficiency. It's recommended to unlock the Sales Efficacy first before Alchemical Efficiency > Cultivation Efficiency.
Specifically, in this cycle, unlock at least the Sizeable Shop Shelf (and upgrade it once). I can only unlock and upgrade it once cause lack of funds. If you have more, unlock the Steadily Increasing Sales too.

In addition to that, you can also find decorations for your potion bottles. It doesn't really help with anything so leave this for last and buy other useful things like the remaining Alchemy Cauldron first.

Depending on your Market News, make a potion with a specific efficacy. For example, I make a potion focused on Strength. You should be able to sell 4/5 Potions since you had already unlock the Sales Efficacy from Freda.

In the 12th cycle, Sucrose will come to test your skill. For this one, everyone has the same exam requirements. Before starting, read the primary objective and make sure you have the ingredients that matches the efficacy that she wanted. You only need to complete the Primary Objective to complete the exam, the Secondary Objectives are for extra funds.

  • (Main objective) Potion of Intermediate or higher grade whose efficacies include Constitution.
  • Potion grade reaches Intermediate and potion level reaches +5.
  • Potion displayed at least 1 characteristic.
  • Use no more than 3 types of ingredients.

After you're done with the exam, you can continue with concocting potions for the 12th and 13th cycles. This time, make a potion with the combination of both main efficacies in your Market News. Example: I did one for Strength + Dexterity.

Cycles 14 -16

Once again, your Market News will be randomized. Look at the list of Market News I gave above (just below the Alchemical Ascension phase 2 header) to see the efficacies for your Market News.

In Cycle 14, Diona will come and ask for a Wisdom potion with Steadying characteristics. You can postpone and she will come again in the later cycle but I recommend to just do it now so you won't miss it accidentally. I make a Wisdom potion correctly, but accidentally remove some ingredients and the Steadying characteristic is gone. But Diona still accepts it so all is good.

For the 15th cycle, start making the potion for your Market News. By now, I already unlocked all Sizable Shop Shelf so I can sell 6 potions at once.

In Cycle 16, Sucrose will come once again for another exam. Similar to before, everyone will get the same requirements.

  • (Main objective) Potion with Strength and Dexterity with Intermediate grade or higher.
  • Potion grade reaches Intermediate and potion level reaches +8.
  • Potion displays at least 2 characteristics.
  • No more than 10 ingredients used.

After the exam is completed, make your potion for the 16th cycle. By this point, I had unlocked everything in Sales Efficacy so I got +1 Market News. This way, more of your potions will match the market news and you can get more Funds.

Cycles 17-19

Check back at Freda and use all your Funds to unlock and upgrade everything in Alchemical Efficiency. If you have more funds, unlock some options in the Cultivation Efficiency.

As usual, make a potion based on your Market News. If conveniently, you already got most of the right potions, try combining more potions with 2 efficacies that matches your Market News.

In Cycle 18, Diluc will arrive with a custom order. Once again, I recommend you completing the order in this cycle and don't let this man escapes. He wants a potion with Constitution and Wisdom efficacy + Focus and Relaxing characteristics. Sounds hard, but you can filter all the ingredients to make it easier for you to choose.
Another important information: This phase only allows you to play until Cycle 20, so if you missed him now, I don't know when he will come gain. Possibly after phase 3 is unlocked.

In Cycle 19, I unlocked and upgraded everything in the Operation Bonuses with more funds to spare. If you have spare funds, buy the decoration for your bottles since it's really plain. Nothing major happens in this cycle so make potion at ease.

Cycles 20-22

In phase 2, you can only play until cycle 20. But you can continue it later after phase 3 is unlocked. For your Market News, since there are only 10 of them in this phase, you will get a repeated Market News (one that you already got before).

If you have a new Market News, follow the recipe and make a potion that matches the efficacy. Since I got the Opera one, Charisma all the way with a pinch of Constitution to match the second Market News.

Alchemical Ascension (Phase 3)

All Market News in Phase 3

Now in the third phase, everything will become extremely repetitive so I will mention all the tips you can do while you can figure out what potions to concoct by yourself (I believe you can do it). Before that, let's see what's the Market News available in the third phase. Once again, the Market News you will get is randomized:

  1. Fontainian divers are salvaging a batch of cultural relics. They wish to move swiftly underwater so that their work can proceed more efficiently: Dexterity + Perception + Endurance
  2. An Inazuman Doushin is pursuing a swift and unpredictable ronin: Strength + Dexterity + Perception
  3. Liyue's Ministry of Civil Affairs has been terribly busy of late. A clerk wants to focus harder and clear work more quickly: Wisdom + Relaxing + Focus
  4. The Fontaine Apparel Association is preparing for a fashion show, and many models are hoping to make their mark and leave a deep impression: Charisma + Fragrant + Technique
  5. Fontaine's Maison Gardiennage is conducting tactical training, and the Gardes are hoping to improve their performance in the simulated pursuit: Strength + Dexterity + Technique
  6. Some prisoners in the Fortress of Meropide are looking to earn Credit Coupons quickly. They want to be able to process widgets more efficiently by having more strength: Strength + Dexterity + Technique
  7. Some Grand Narukami Shrine shrine maidens are feeling unwell due to the winds at night being too cold: Constitution + Warm + Strengthening
  8. A certain Fontainian celebrity is currently getting ready to host a social ball, and all the invited ladies and gentlemen are preparing themselves: Charisma + Technique + Relaxing
  9. Fontainian reporters need to spend lots of time investigating stories, and they hope to find a way to quickly replenish their stamina while on break: Constitution + Strengthening + Endurance
  10. The number of foreign visitors to Sumeru has been increasing recently, and with it, cases of individuals not being acclimatized to local conditions and food, so Bimarstan is buying a batch of medicine to relieve physical discomfort: Constitution + Strengthening + Healing

Buy everything from Freda

Freda has bought new supplies and it is a Sales Expansion Contract and some Shop Decorations. Ignore the Decorations for now and buy the Sales Expansion Contract immediately. You can buy the decorations if you have leftover Funds (you don't have any use for the Funds later so might as well buy everything).

Traveling Merchants unlocked

You will unlock Atefeh, the traveling merchant by default. This is similar to selling potions on your stall; give her 3 potions according to her intuitions (e.g: potions with Wisdom efficacy), choose the correct Distribution Strategy, and you're good to go. The only correct strategy here can be seen below, and make sure to choose the same strategy below in each cycle:

  1. Akademiya Certification
  2. Celebrity Endorsement

The Sales Expansion Contract will unlock Deyou, another traveling merchant. He works the same way as Atefehl; give him the potions and choose the right strategy. Now that you have both of them, your sales gonna goes boom. The only correct strategy here can be seen below, and make sure to choose the same strategy below in each cycle:

  1. Free Sample Delivery
  2. Hundred-Fold Guarantee

Concoct any potions you want

Starting in phase 3 (specifically from Cycle 25), you can make unlimited potions. Yes, you can concoct as many potions as you want in one cycle as long as you have the ingredients. This is why I mentioned that it will become really repetitive so I won't include any potions that I make. You can refer to the News Market above on what efficacies and characteristics the potions need.

Enhance every potion you have

Since you don't have any use of the funds, you can use them to enhance your potions instead. This way, your already completed potions can jump grade easily (e.g: from Intermediate > Advance > Expert).

Max out every ingredient

I'm sure you notice how much ingredients you have by now because all of them only need 1 cycle to be harvested. With so many of them, check the ones that have not reached the maximum level yet and max them out (can be combined with both the same ingredient and others). When the ingredient level has reached maximum, a second type of ingredient placement (the Tetris box ingredient) will be unlocked.

Alchemy Advanced Exam (Cycle 22)

In Cycle 22, Sucrose will come with another exam. As per usual, here's what she wants for the potion. You can just filter all the efficacy and characteristic that are needed:

  • (Main) Concoct a potion of Advanced or higher grade whose efficacies include Wisdom
  • Potion grade reaches Advanced and potion level reaches +8
  • Potion displays the Fragrant characteristic
  • Use at least 5 different types of ingredients

Custom Potion (Cycle 24)

In Cycle 23, Gorou and Kirara will come for another custom potion. He wants a potion with Strength efficacy or that displays Endurance characteristics. Fortunately, I already have a potion with both tags and can just give it to him. Pretty sure you will have one too by this point, but if you don't, you can just make one. Remember the infinite potion you can make (as long as you have the ingredients!

Alchemy Expert Exam (Cycle 26)

This will be the last exam to test your skills:

  • (Main) Concoct a potion of Expert grade whose efficacies include Charisma
  • Potion grade reaches Expert and potion level reaches +8
  • Potion displays the Perception and Steadying characteristics
  • Tuning Rate reaches 280%

Check your rewards page

Before every cycles end, check your reward page and make sure everything is checked out from previous phases yet. If there are still some event missions you haven't complete yet, make sure to complete them. If you already completed everything, you can stop playing the event.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:

  • Primogem x1000
  • Mora x840000
  • Hero's Wit x40
  • Philosophies of Freedom x8
  • Philosophies of Resistance x8
  • Philosophies of Ballad x8
  • Adventurer's Experience x36
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x88
  • Guide to Freedom x6
  • Guide to Resistance x6
  • Guide to Ballad x6
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x2
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment x2
  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x2
  • Vajrada Amethyst Fragment x2
  • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x2
  • Shivada Jade Fragment x2
  • Prithiva Topaz Fragment x2
  • Fragment of Decarabian's x4
  • Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang x4
  • Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator x4
  • Debris of Decarabian's City x6
  • Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth x6
  • Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator x6
  • Dialogues of the Desert Sages x1
  • Crown of Insight x1
  • "Cider Lakelight" x1
  • Wanderer's Advice x12

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