MTG Arena Scavenger Hunt Cryptic Clues – Solution Codes and Rewards

Scavenger Hunt answers and codes.

MTG Arena will be sending players on a Scavenger Hunt! Over the next several days, cryptic clues will be send to your inbox, which you can solve and obtain rewards by entering in the answers as codes! We will be listing all the solutions each day here, but you can also find all the available codes for MTG Arena as well as instructions on how to redeem them in our dedicated guide:

Please note that even if all clues and solutions are spoiled for all the days below, codes will not work until you receive the mail for that day.

Clue 1

Hello, detective. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

A mysterious figure has been leaving cryptic clues all over Arena. We'll need your help to crack the case.

Solve the riddle below, and enter the Code in the store for a prize!

The first clue we found is easy: "Who is known as the 'Master Sleuth' on Ravnica?"

Good luck, detective! More clues may appear in Arena over the next few days, so stay vigilant. We must solve all five clues before leave Ravnica on April 9th.

--A friend

PS - Remember! Your code phrases cannot contain spaces.


The answer lies in the Muders at Karlov Manor card Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth! You can enter the code as Alquist, Proft, or AlquistProft. They all work.

Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth


Clue 2

Good work tracking down clues so far, detective.

The only lead we have right now is what you just found in the Store. It's the Dossier card style of a fellow sleuth.

How does it describe the Homicide Investigator's approach to solving crime?

Remember, once you have the answer, enter it as a Code to get a reward. Best of luck.

--A Friend

PS - Remember! Your code phrases cannot contain spaces.


The answer refers to the flavor text of the showcase dossier card style of Homicide Investigator. Enter the code impeccable.

Homicide Investigator

You can also claim the free Bundle in the shop that also contains the Homicide Investigator card style.


Clue 3

Congratulations, detective. You've found the next clue. A mysterious figure left this for us to find outside of Karlov Manor:

"Across Ravnica, fear has been nurtured,

and an evil plot have been furthered,

as poor Teysa Karlov has been tragically '________'"

Who would write such a horrible rhyme? Remember once you have the answer to enter it as a Code to get a reward. Good luck, detective! And stay safe.

--A Friend

PS - Remember! Your code phrases cannot contain spaces.


Enter the code murdered.

Teysa, Opulent Oligarch/
Teysa, Opulent Oligarch


Clue 4

Hello again, detective. Thank you for your tireless hunt—we wouldn't be making much headway without you. Here's the next clue:

Enter the passphrase 'Ravnica Lineup' in the Deckbuilder. You will be presented with a number of notable figures. The high and mighty of our fair city. But someone is missing. What is the pattern, and who--or what--is not included in this rogues' gallery?

Submit your answer into the Code entry in the store, and you'll be well on your way to cracking this case!

PS - If you're stumped, make sure to filter for unowned cards to see all 9 Ravnica legends! And remember, your code phrases cannot contain spaces.

-- A Friend


Typing Ravnica Lineup in the search bar of the deck builder on MTG Arena will bring up 9 out of the 10 Ravnica Guild leaders. Enter the code Izoni, GreenBlack, or Golgari (any one of the three works), the missing leader.

Izoni, Center of the Web/
Izoni, Center of the Web


Clue 5

Your Next Clue

Welcome back, detective. Our hunt is almost at its end.

Trostani is really three sisters
Cim, Oba, and Ses
Within Vitu-Ghazi discord festers
And one dryad must confess

Blooms burning in rage
With a sickly aroma
The sweet pollen shows
That the killer was ___

Once you have the answer, enter it as a Code for your final reward.

--A Friend

PS - Remember! Your code phrases cannot contain spaces.


Type in code oba - it rhymes with Aroma in the clue's poem.

Trostani, Three Whispers/
Trostani, Three Whispers


  • Totally Normal Event Token
  • 1,000 Mastery XP
  • Deduce Card Style

Totally Normal Event Token

You cracked the case! This token unlocks a secret Event somewhere on Arena...

MTG Arena Scavenger Hunt Token
Scavenger Hunt Token

After you obtain the token, a “Totally Normal Event” should be visible to players until March 27. You can use the token to enter the event for free, and the format will be preconstructed Brawl to win Murders at Karlov Manor card style rewards.

The event description also has a clue for another code, which we will spoil for you below.

Totally Normal Event Clue

One last thing, please don’t go putting in just any random text into that Code Redemption box, we don’t want it getting overloaded. We have not needed to fix it since the Year the set Ravnica: City of Guilds was released…


The code is 2005.


Final Clue

Almost There!

You almost got the right answer! You're close, detective, don't give up.

Try finding a synonym to what you've already entered. You've got this!

--A Friend

PS - Remember! Your code phrases cannot contain spaces.