MTG Arena Codes

MTG Arena Codes

Complete list of promotional MTG Arena codes for free in-game rewards and loot, and how to redeem them!

MTG Arena has free codes that players can redeem for in-game rewards! This guide has the full list of active codes, detailed instructions on how you can redeem them, as well as some tips to optimize their usage!

List of Codes and Rewards

2005Red Herring2023/03/19
Oba• Totally Normal Event Token
• 1,000 Mastery XP
• Deduce Card Style
• 500 Mastery XP
• Coerced to Kill Card Style
Murdered• 500 Mastery XP
• Deadly Complication Card Style
Impeccable• 500 Mastery XP
• The Chase Is On Card Style
AlquistProft• 500 Mastery XP
• Auspicious Arrival Card Style
Threads1000 Mastery XP2022/07/13
PlayBRO3 The Brothers’ War packs2022/11/15
3 Alchemy: Dominaria packs2022/10/07
PlayDMU3 Dominaria United packs2022/09/01
PlayHBG3 Alchemy Horizons: Baldurs Gate packs2022/07/07
PlayAlchemyNewCapenna3 Alchemy: New Capenna packs2022/06/02
PlaySNC3 Streets of New Capenna packs2022/04/28
PlayDND3 Forgotten Realms packs2021/07/08

How to Redeem Codes

There are two ways players can redeem coupons for their account: Directly in-game or via the redemption portal on the official Wizards of the Coast website.


  1. Head to the Store section of the game, on the top right corner.
  2. Copy and paste a code on the Redeem Code field, and press enter.
  3. Rewards you obtained will pop up for you to claim instantly.
  4. Mobile users must use the website method below as you will not see the interface in-game.


  1. Go to the Wizards Account website.
  2. Log in with your MTG Arena account.
  3. Copy and paste a code on the Redeem a Code field, and press the Redeem button.
  4. After redeeming a code, the contents are added directly to your account.

Additional Notes and Tips

  • Codes can only be redeemed once per account, and may be case sensitive.
  • For new players, it is most efficient to open booster packs once you've received all your ten free Starter Decks after the tutorial, because cards you already have in your collection are not added as additional copies when you get the deck.
  • Free rewards are now generally sent directly to Player Inbox, including the free packs that come with new sets and other compensation for issues. New codes are not likely to be added here.