Snowbreak: Containment Zone News: March 26 Maintenance and Eatchel Buffs

Information about the upcoming Eatchel changes and other gameplay updates.

Eatchel Gameplay Adjustments

Savage Pounce (Support Ability)

  • Healing specs increased
  • New passive: while not on cooldown, passively heal all nearby allies every second

Unyielding Rise (Ultimate Ability)

  • U-Energy cost reduced to 40, but will consume all U-Energy on cast
  • Healing is increased based on the amount of U-Energy consumed
  • Icebound Claws will last longer based on the amount of U-Energy consumed, from 10 seconds (same as current) to 20 seconds when 100 U-Energy is consumed
  • When the attacks from this ability hit a breakable part, it will also contribute to charging Icebound Claws
  • When the ultimate ability is cast, heal allies for 75% of the charged amount of any Icebound Claws that existed before the casting the ultimate (same effect as the second ultimate ability neuronic)

It's an objective improvement, but it might be too little too late. Still having an U-Energy cost, even if it is reduced, could still prevent this from being meaningfully useful as a buffing ability and keep it as an emergency heal.

Other Eatchel Changes

  • Manifestation 2 now reduces the cooldown of Unyielding Rise to 30 seconds
  • Improvements to the pull range of Territorial Patrol (standard ability), and to the parts breaking power and U-Energy recovery rate of enhanced followup shots

Lux Squad

  • Winter Fleece stacks are now consumed when using any ability (vs on-heal currently), with its effects persisting for two seconds

This is probably to avoid potential abuse with Eatchel's new support ability passive, but it does kill its usability with Chenxing - The Observer.

Blitzing Fangs

  • Decay rate of stored healing changed from 500/s to decaying over 20 seconds

This doesn't change anything if you max out the stored healing, but it means you can keep the buff for the same duration even if you didn't, boosting its lower-end performance.

We'll also have to see how her new passive heal too interacts with the 20 second second decay period.

March 26 Maintenance Details


  • Adjustments to Fenny - Coronet's Sugar Queen and Lyfe - Wild Hunt's Street Code outfits. See here for more details.
  • All associated resources for Fenny's outfit (profile icon, profile cover, splash art) will be updated to the new version.
  • Note that you may be able to purchase Fenny's outfit again even if you already own it. Please don't do this for obvious reasons.

Defense Line Zero

  • Electric traps no longer stun you or teammates
  • Improvements to UI


  • Fixed shots firing off-center to the left when Fenny's Sweet Decree weapon skin is equipped
  • Added unique buffs for Eatchel - The Cub in Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Fixed abnormal trigger conditions for some of Eatchel's random base events
  • Fixed abnormal behaviour with Eatchel's model when using the Indoor Climbing Frame in her room
  • Fixed Eatchel - The Cub abnormally clearing enhanced shots from her standard ability when casting her ultimate ability
  • Fixed enhanced shots from Eatchel - The Cub's standard ability not being affected by standard ability damage boosts
  • Fixed Eatchel - The Cub's ultimate ability not triggering effects that activate on heal
  • Fixed Eatchel - The Cub's ultimate ability targeting invulnerable enemies
  • Fixed bullets loaded with Yao - Winter Solstice's standard ability while her ultimate is active not interrupting the enemy special abilities
  • Fixed main story level 12B-4 not progressing normally under certain circumstances
  • Fixed voice anomalies in main level 12B-5
  • Fixed occurrences of enemies staying out of bounds and being untargetable in Gigalink
  • Fixed instances where the interaction prompts of interactive devices in Paradoxical Labyrinth may not display
  • Fixed Ancasia - [Redacted]'s Deiwos passive not activating in Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Fixed instances where some Paradox Labyrinth levels cannot progress (likely the bug where enemies don't spawn)
  • Fixed map objectives floating in the air in some levels of Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Typo fixes
  • Various model fixes for Fenny - Coronet (Sugar Queen), Eatchel - The Cub, Lyfe - Wild Hunt (Street Code), as well as other graphical fixes

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