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Eversoul provides unlimited free re-rolls at the start of the game. However, these free re-rolls do NOT include Angel or Demon types. Angel and Demon types are more rare, and provide unique benefits to team type bonuses.

To ascend your units and make them more powerful, duplicates of them are required. For HumanLike, Fairy, Beast and Undead types, 10 copies are required in total to fully transcend a unit. For Angel and Demon types, 16 copies are required. Therefore, it is viable to re-roll for units that will be available for free.

How to Re-roll

This re-roll process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Select “Sign in as Guest” at the top left of the screen.

Play through the tutorial until you unlock Choice Summons, or until Stage 2-1 for 450 more Everstones from Event rewards and Recommended Task. The Skip button appears at the top right when you click Menu. Play with Fast Forward and without Cut-scenes to speed up the process.

The Choice Summons includes all non-Angel or Demon souls, and is guaranteed to roll 1 (and only 1) Epic soul.

We are still testing units. Stay tuned for better-informed re-roll recommendations.

Once you have finished your Choice Summon, go to Settings > Coupon Code and enter the coupon code(s) active for your server.

Current active codes (5 tickets):

  • Asia: EVERSOUL

Now go to Mail > Operator and click Receive All.

Now go to Hall of Fame and click Receive All for all reward categories.

There are also 20 more free Everstones in the Cash Shop, along with other free resources.

Finally, it is time to summon.

You should have around this many summons if you have followed these steps. The Normal Summon has pity on every 30 summons for an Epic soul. The Pick-Up banner has a higher rate of Mephistopheles and different rewards at every 40 summons.

Go to Settings > Account. If you summoned your desired character(s), click Link Account. If you did not, then click Withdraw and try again.

Angel & Demon

There are only 1 Angel type and 1 Demon type currently at release: Adrianne (Angel) and Ayame (Demon). Angels and Demons require more duplicates than other types for ascension.

It is recommended to re-roll for at least one of these two if you plan on re-rolling, as they will be very difficult to obtain afterwards. Adrianne is a Defender and Ayame is a Caster.

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