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Additional ATK14,169
Additional DEF0
Additonal HP51,084
Crit Rate0
Additional Crit Rate0
Crit DMG1
Additional Crit DMG0
Magic Resistance0.0%
Additional Magic Resistance0.0%
Physical Resistance0.0%
Additional Physical Resistance0.0%
Life Steal5.0%
Additional Life Steal5.0%


Main Skill NameMachine Gun Punch
Main Skill Level 1With a series of strikes at the speed of light, deals damage equal to 250% ATK to the nearest enemy and knocks in down. Deals 120% additional damage if the “Gear Up” buff is active.
Main Skill Level 2Damage changes to 260%, additional damage changes to 130%.
Main Skill Level 3Damage changes to 280%, additional damage changes to 140%. Adds an effect which stuns the target for 3 seconds if the “Gear Up” buff active.
Sub Skill 1 TypeSub
Sub Skill 1Shockwave Punch
Sub Skill 1 Level 1Explodes a sphere, inflicting damage equal to 160% ATK in a 5m long, 45 degree conical area in front of you and decreasing Mana by 800. Deals additional damage equal to 80% ATK if the “Gear Up” buff is active.
Sub Skill 1 Level 2Damage changes to 175%, additional damage changes to 85%.
Sub Skill 1 Level 3Damage changes to 190%, additional damage changes to 90%, Mana decrease changes to 1600.
Sub Skill 2 TypeSub
Sub Skill 2Magnum Punch
Sub Skill 2 Level 1Adjusts the physical ability to apply a quick consecutive attack. Deals damage equal to 170% of ATK to the nearest enemy and increases her Speed by 20% for 14 seconds.
Sub Skill 2 Level 2Damage changes to 185%.
Sub Skill 2 Level 3Damage changes to 200%. Adds an effect which decreases the target’s Speed by 20% for 10.
Sub Skill 3 TypePassive
Sub Skill 3Gear Up
Sub Skill 3 Level 1If Renee has a buff that increases Speed, then ATK increases by 29% and Evasion increases by 29.
Sub Skill 3 Level 2ATK increase changes to 32%, Evasion changes to 32.
Sub Skill 3 Level 3ATK increase changes to 35%, Evasion changes to 35.
UltimateSupercompressed Energy Burst
Ultimate Level 1Forcefully condenses energy then shoots it to the nearest enemy, dealing damage equal to 300% of ATK and pushing the enemy far away. Deals 150% additional damage if the “Gear Up” buff is active.
Ultimate Level 2Damage changes to 320%, additional damage changes to 160%.
Ultimate Level 3Damage changes to 340%, additional damage changes to 170%. Adds an effect which stuns the target for 4 seconds if the “Gear Up” buff is active.


Hey, you there. I don’t believe in love at first sight.
If you want my number, just be straightforward.

  • Alias : Silver Reflection
  • Artifact : Nuada Airgetlám
  • Type : Fairy
  • Class : Striker

An inspector of the Soul Alliance and a celebrity from the Republic of Chalar. She even has a large fan club called “Silver Afterimage.”
Her knowledge of science and engineering is sharp, so she knows how to make and remodel her own weapons.
She’s aware that she’s talented.

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