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Additional ATK3,810
Additional DEF3,228
Additonal HP156,063
Crit Rate0
Additional Crit Rate
Crit DMG1
Additional Crit DMG
Magic Resistance
Additional Magic Resistance
Physical Resistance0
Additional Physical Resistance0
Life Steal
Additional Life Steal


Main Skill NameEnergy Absorption
Main Skill Level 1Recovers HP by absorbing the surrounding energy. Aborbs HP equal to 12% of the max HP of each enemy within 3m (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra’s ATK).
Main Skill Level 2HP absorption changes to 14%.
Main Skill Level 3HP absorption changes to 16%. Absorbs 2 times the HP if there is only one enemy within 3m.
Sub Skill 1 TypeSub
Sub Skill 1Soul Extortion
Sub Skill 1 Level 1Extorts the soul of the enemy with the highest ATK and locks it up in the lantern.The target takes 30% of the damage Petra receives for 18 seconds. Soul Extortion is unavoidable.
Sub Skill 1 Level 2Damage transfer changes to 35%.
Sub Skill 1 Level 3Damage transfer changes to 40%. Targets affected by Soul Extortion will attack Petra throughout the duration.
Sub Skill 2 TypeSub
Sub Skill 2Soul Release
Sub Skill 2 Level 1Releases the lamp-bound soul, granting a shield that absorbs damage equal to 140% of Petra’s ATK for 12 seconds to all allies.
Sub Skill 2 Level 2Shield HP changes to 160%.
Sub Skill 2 Level 3Shield HP changes to 180%. Adds an effect which decreases the ATK of enemies within 2.5m by 10% for 8 seconds.
Sub Skill 3 TypePassive
Sub Skill 3Fickle Grave Keeper
Sub Skill 3 Level 1If there is no ally within 2.5m around Petra, the Lonely Grave Keeper special buff will increase DEF by 60%. If there is an ally within that range, the Grave Keeper’s Bond Special buff will increase ATK by 30%.
Sub Skill 3 Level 2Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect’s DEF increase changes to 70%. Grave Keeper’s Bond buff effect’s ATK increase changes to 35%.
Sub Skill 3 Level 3Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect’s DEF increase changes to 80%. Grave Keeper’s Bond buff effect’s ATK increase changes to 40%. Immune to status effects and knockback effects while Lonely Grave Keeper is active.
UltimateUnderworld Keeper’s Evil Eyes
Ultimate Level 1Activates Petra’s evil eyes, dealing damage equal to 10% of her max HP to all enemies. Removes up to 2 buff effects, and Petra recovers HP equal to damage dealt (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra’s ATK).
Ultimate Level 2Damage changes to 12%.
Ultimate Level 3Damage changes to 14%. Changes the number of buffs removed to 3.


Someone is calling me…
…Well, it’s a lie… “Petra” is real though.

  • Alias : Guide Of The Dead
  • Artifact : Resurrection Powder
  • Type : Undead
  • Class : Defender

A graveyard Soul that exudes a spooky aura.
No one can tell what’s in her mind because she’s a soul of few words with an absent-minded face.
Her hobby is playing with expressionless faces. Maybe she has something to do with the rumors of the ghost in the cemetery…

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