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Additional ATK10,268
Additional DEF0
Additonal HP116,641
Crit Rate0
Additional Crit Rate0
Crit DMG1
Additional Crit DMG0
Magic Resistance0.0%
Additional Magic Resistance0.0%
Physical Resistance0.0%
Additional Physical Resistance0.0%
Life Steal0.0%
Additional Life Steal0.0%


Main Skill NameTime to Say Good Night
Main Skill Level 1Sings a lullaby that induces unbearable sleep, dealing damage equal to 220% of ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK and 3m around the enemy. Inflicted targets are put to sleep for 4 seconds at a 50% chance.
Main Skill Level 2Damage change to 240%.
Main Skill Level 3Damage changes to 260%, sleep duration changes to 6.
Sub Skill 1 TypeSub
Sub Skill 1Dream-Eating Fairy
Sub Skill 1 Level 1Naiah’s dream fairy, Mag, eats up other’s dreams. Deals equal to 140% of ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK. If the enemy is sleeping, absorbs HP equal to 12% of the target’s max HP (the DMG proportion to HP cannot exceed 300% of Naiah’s ATK).
Sub Skill 1 Level 2Damage changes to 150%, HP absorption changes to 13%.
Sub Skill 1 Level 3Damage changes to 160%, HP absorption changes to 14%, HP absorption ignores enemy DEF.
Sub Skill 2 TypeSub
Sub Skill 2Deep Sleep
Sub Skill 2 Level 1Dive into your dream. Attacks the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing damage equal to 130% of ATK, and puts it to sleep for 4 seconds at a 50% chance.
Sub Skill 2 Level 2Damage changes to 140% of ATK.
Sub Skill 2 Level 3Damage changes to 150% of ATK. Sleep duration changes to 6 seconds.
Sub Skill 3 TypePassive
Sub Skill 3Dream Powder
Sub Skill 3 Level 1Naiah’s attacks make the enemy drowsy. Enemies attacked by Naiah’s normal attack 7 times are put to sleep for 3.5 seconds.
Sub Skill 3 Level 2The number of attacks changes to 6.
Sub Skill 3 Level 3The number of attacks changes to 5. Sleep duration changes to 5 seconds.
UltimateTo the Endless Dream
Ultimate Level 1Lock your enemies in an eternal dream. Deals damage equal to 260% of ATK to all enemies and puts them to sleep for 4 seconds.
Ultimate Level 2Damage changes to 285%.
Ultimate Level 3Duration changes to 285%, sleep duration changes to 6 seconds.


Someday, I’d like to drift into something more gentle than a dream…
Call me when you can’t fall asleep.

  • Alias : Sweet Dream
  • Artifact : Dust Of Sandman
  • Type : Fairy
  • Class : Caster

The owner of a special store that sells various dream powders containing dreams.
Naiah’s trademark is her soft-toned voice that seems to lead to a good dream.
Her hope is that there will be no one in the world who can’t sleep, but there seems to be a story behind this…

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