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Additional ATK13,046
Additional DEF
Additonal HP65,143
Crit Rate0
Additional Crit Rate0
Crit DMG1
Additional Crit DMG0
Magic Resistance
Additional Magic Resistance
Physical Resistance
Additional Physical Resistance
Life Steal
Additional Life Steal


Main Skill NameExterminating Bullet
Main Skill Level 1Uses up all current Magic Bullet buffs to attack the nearest enemy. Each Magic Bullet deals damage equal 90% ATK.
Main Skill Level 2Damage changes to 95%.
Main Skill Level 3Danage changes to 100%. If there are 7 stacks of the Magic Bullet special buff, then the attack will hit as a critical hit.
Sub Skill 1 TypeSub
Sub Skill 1Two Bullets
Sub Skill 1 Level 1Shoots twice in a quick motion. Deals damage equal to 180% ATK to the nearest enemy and obtains 2 “Magic Bullet” special buffs (up to 7 stacks).
Sub Skill 1 Level 2Damage changes to 200%.
Sub Skill 1 Level 3Damage changes to 220%. Adds an effect which decreases the target’s DEF by 15% for 8 seconds.
Sub Skill 2 TypeSub
Sub Skill 2Fatal Shot
Sub Skill 2 Level 1A powerful single bullet guarantees a critical hit, dealing damage equal to 170% ATK to the nearest enemy and obtains 2 “Magic Bullet” special buff (up to 7 stacks).
Sub Skill 2 Level 2Damage changes to 185%.
Sub Skill 2 Level 3Damage changes to 200%. Adds an effect which decreases the target’s ATK by 15% for 8.
Sub Skill 3 TypeSub
Sub Skill 3A Deal With Samiel
Sub Skill 3 Level 1Tactical loading increases ATK by 26% for 10 seconds and obtains 3 “Magic Bullet” special buffs (up to 7 stacks).
Sub Skill 3 Level 2ATK increase changes to 29%.
Sub Skill 3 Level 3ATK increase changes to 32%.
UltimateEradicating Bullet
Ultimate Level 1Deals damage equal to 320% of ATK to the nearest enemy in a straight 3m wide area and obtains 2 “Magic Bullet” special buffs (up to 7 stacks).
Ultimate Level 2Damage changes to 345%.
Ultimate Level 3Damage changes to 370%. Changes the number of Magic Bullet special buffs obtained to 4.


Once I aim, I never miss a target!
Watch out for yourself. My bullets will find you.

  • Alias : Bullet Shower
  • Artifact : The Seventh Bullet
  • Type : Fairy
  • Class : Ranger

An inspector of the Soul Alliance who patrols and investigates the Gate-related incidents taking place in Eden.
Thanks to patrolling in various places, she also became a passionate food expert. She has a cool personality and treats the Savior in a favorable manner.

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