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Additional ATK9,276
Additional DEF0
Additonal HP127,570
Crit Rate0
Additional Crit Rate0
Crit DMG1
Additional Crit DMG0
Magic Resistance0.0%
Additional Magic Resistance0.0%
Physical Resistance0.0%
Additional Physical Resistance0.0%
Life Steal0.0%
Additional Life Steal0.0%


Main Skill NameField at Noon
Main Skill Level 1The power of nature heals all allies. Restores HP of allies by 45% of ATK and continuously heals their HP by 45% of ATK every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
Main Skill Level 2Recovery changes to 50%, heal over time changes to 50%.
Main Skill Level 3Recovery changes to 55%, heal over time changes to 55%. Allies are immune to status effects for 5 seconds.
Sub Skill 1 TypeSub
Sub Skill 1You Should Not Steal
Sub Skill 1 Level 1Strikes down the nearest enemy with the rake, dealing damage equal to 160% of ATK while stunning and pushing the enemy back for 1.5 seconds.
Sub Skill 1 Level 2Damage changes to 175%.
Sub Skill 1 Level 3Damage changes to 190%, Stun duration changes to 2.5 seconds.
Sub Skill 2 TypeSub
Sub Skill 2Happiness Heals
Sub Skill 2 Level 1Calara bites the apples she harvested to recover HP equal to 150% of her ATK, and increase ATK by 16% for 10 seconds.
Sub Skill 2 Level 2Recovery changes to 165%, ATK increase changes to 18%.
Sub Skill 2 Level 3Recovery changes to 180%, ATK increase changes to 20%. Adds an effect which removes 3 debuff(s).
Sub Skill 3 TypePassive
Sub Skill 3Plentiful Aura
Sub Skill 3 Level 1Clara’s healthy energy affects all allies. Clara’s presence on the battlefield increases the DEF of all allies by 20%.
Sub Skill 3 Level 2DEF increase changes to 24%.
Sub Skill 3 Level 3DEF increase changes to 28%.
Ultimate Level 1Stop fighting for a moment and takes time to refresh. Recovers the HP of all allies by 60% of ATK and adds an effect which heals by 60% of ATK for 10 seconds.
Ultimate Level 2Recovery changes to 65%, heal over time changes to 65%.
Ultimate Level 3Recovery changes to 70%, heal over time changes to 70%. Allies are immune to status effects for 8 seconds.


Rise and shine! Wake up!
Good morning, good sunshine, good day!

  • Alias : Honey-Colored Sunlight
  • Artifact : Cornucopia
  • Type : Beast
  • Class : Supporter

A diligent Soul who wakes up early every morning and farms in front of the house.
She knows a wide network of people due to her friendly and energetic personality. She loves the energy boost from fresh vegetables and fruits.
She lives in a beautiful house with the pure Soul Ina.

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