One Piece Card Game Meta Tier List (OP-06)

Best One Piece Card Game Leaders and decks. A detailed report on the current OP-06 meta.

Welcome to our One Piece Card Game Meta Tier List! In this meta report, we will look at the best decks of the One Piece Card Game metagame. We will separate the archetypes into three tiers in order of their relevance, from top to bottom in each tier.

Tier 1🔵⚫ Sakazuki
⚫ Gecko Moria
Tier 2🟡 Charlotte Katakuri
🟢🟡 Yamato
🔵🟣 Vinsmoke Reiju
🔴🟣 Trafalgar Law
Tier 3 🟡 Enel
⚫🟢 Perona
🟢 Green Uta

Please note, SakazukiGreat Eruption, and Reject will be banned starting from June 21, 2024 with the release of OP-07 - 500 Years in the Future.

Tier Explanation

To create this Meta Tier list, I used data from tournaments, online ranked play, and my expertise and opinions of respected players. This tier list will hold meta-staple decks that you'll likely encounter in tournament play and will be updated as the meta changes up.

The decklists shared here have found success in tournament events but can be tweaked depending on meta shifts or players' own preferences.

Tier 1: The top performers and most represented decks in the meta. They have good matchups in the current and meta and can adapt to different game scenarios. Expect to encounter these decks frequently in tournaments, with players strategizing specifically to counter them.

Tier 2: Popular Meta decks that have solid matchup tables. Tier A decks can rival Tier S decks in performance, but may have weaknesses and less representation, holding them back from joining Tier S.

Tier 3: Comprising less popular decks or those experiencing a decline in performance, Tier B includes options that may still yield respectable results in tournaments. However, they often struggle against certain prevalent matchups. Additionally, this tier encompasses decks with limited data, making it challenging to accurately assess their placement in higher tiers.

Blue Black Sakazuki

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Sakazuki remains a dominant force in the OP06 Meta, excelling at maintaining control over the board. Its cost-reduction ability pairs well with cards like Rob Lucci, Hound Blaze, Ama no Murakumo, and Borsalino, allowing you to deal with opponents' Characters.

The inclusion of 8 Gecko Moria has significantly bolstered the archetype's late-game potential, enabling impactful plays, particularly with Rob Lucci, and setting up a wide board of attackers for the upcoming turn. The list has access to value cards like Brannew, Sabo, Rebecca, and Gecko Moria, ensuring you don't run out of value throughout the game.

Sakazuki has emerged as a popular choice in both tournaments and ranked sim, solidifying its position as one of the premier decks in the current meta.


Black Gecko Moria

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In the OP06 meta, Black Gecko Moria has been achieving notable success by effectively balancing board development and control strategies. It utilizes cost-reduction cards to enable powerful plays with Rob Lucci and Absalom.

This is a difficult deck to pilot as it relies on cards from your trash, getting them back on the board or in your hand through Gecko Moria's leader effect, Doctor Hogback, and 8 Gecko Moria. Capitalizing on Gecko Moria's board development effect, you're able to establish a formidable board presence, launching a barrage of attacks that force opponents to expend their resources.

Black Gecko Moria has a great matchup table against most of the popular meta decks you'll go up against.

Charlotte Katakuri

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Renowned for its trigger effects, Yellow Katakuri stands out as one of the top contenders in the meta. The leader's ability provides invaluable card knowledge and the flexibility to manipulate the top card in your Life Area, creating pressure through trigger board development.

Mid-game pressure is pivotal for Katakuri, leveraging the +1000 ability to inflict damage to opposing Leaders while transitioning into late-game plays centered around Big Mom. The inclusion of 10 Charlotte Linlin not only grants an additional life card but also threatens opponents' Life cards, placing them at risk of losing to your attacks.

The late-game strength of 7 and 10 Charlotte Linlin is crucial, enabling you to outvalue opponents and eventually go through their blockers for that last one-hit wincon.

Green Yellow Yamato

Yamato can be quite bothersome with the Double Attack ability, forcing Counter resources out of the opponent. Onami's Banish synergizes with Yamato's Double Attack, threatening to Trash two Life cards if the opponent doesn't commit Counter cards.

Hody Jones comes in handy to rest the opponent's blockers, creating opportunities to target their Leader and potentially clinch the game. Offering a straightforward yet potent gameplay experience, this deck overwhelms other decks with threatful attacks.

There are currently two competitive lists for Yamato, the Sky Wano Hybrid and Fortress lists, both performing well and have different playstyles.

Sky Wano Hybrid:

This version takes advantage of Sky Island and Land of the Wano characters as part of its game plan. It can be quite aggressive on the board with a couple of Trigger cards to enable you to develop Characters like Satori, Charlotte Cracker, and Kikunojo without using any Don!!!.


The Fortress version plays around Eustass"Captain"Kid setup. You want to have him on the board, along with a couple of blockers to set up your Fortress, making it difficult for the opponent to reach your Leader. Donquixote Doflamingo joins the battle in the late game, offering a reliable defensive ability and shutting down the opponent's aggression on the upcoming turn.

Vinsmoke Reiju

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The Reiju Germa 66 version has seen the most success in OP06 meta. This variant leverages Germa 66 cards such as Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju to summon their higher-cost versions from either hand or Trash. This playstyle necessitates the return of Don!! cards to facilitate such plays, resulting in fewer Don!! cards compared to opponents.

However, Returning a Don!! card to the deck activates the leader's effect, providing additional card draw value. Keep in mind, the higher-cost versions of Germa 66 Characters have unique effects when the player has equal or less Don!! cards than their opponent.

Vinsmoke Reiju puts up a good fight against popular decks like Sakazuki, Katakuri, Enel, and Perona.


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Enel has been a solid deck in OP-06 meta that wants to prolong the game by putting more cards in their Life Area. The Leader's effect, Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Linlin, and Yamato provide that additional Life Card, making it a challenge for opponents to end the game.

This sets up Enel deck to slowly outvalue opponents, especially with Katakuri, Linlin, and Yamato going for big swings and shifting the board pressure in your favor.

Although Enel is not as popular as Yellow Katakuri, it still has a good representation in tournaments and has managed to win first place in some of them.


Trafalgar Law

Red Purple Law is an aggressive deck that puts a lot of early to mid-game pressure on the opponent. The Leader can sacrifice Dons to place opponent's characters at the bottom of their deck, making it difficult for them to keep up with the board development.

This deck wants to close out games as fast as possible before it runs out of resources. Players have started including Vinsomoke Reiju since she synergizes with the Leader's ability and offers that important card draw.


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Although not as prevalent as Gecko Moria and Sakazuki decks, Perona has found success in tournament settings. The archetype employs removal cards like X.Drake and Ryuma to assert control over the board.

With access to black, players are including Gecko Moria for that crucial value it provides, setting up a powerful board development while also threatening to K.O. a character with Ryuma.

Green Uta

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Uta focuses on flooding the board with multiple units utilizing the effect of cards like Brook and Monkey. D. Luffy. This shifts the momentum in your favor, paving the way for devastating attacks.

Eustass "Captain"Kid paired with Blockers can be a nightmare for many meta decks, making it extremely difficult for them to go through and strike Uta.

"I'm Invincible" enables the setup of multiple leader-driven attacks, utilizing Uta as a heavy hitter to secure victory.



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